berwin xie

ice bear for president, seattle transplant, seattle marieners + chicago cubs fan
women in computer science
grand piano
kinect boids


as a tech-team co-chair for wcs@illiinois, i helped build and run many open tutorials for students on campus. we held office hours specifically for debugging and brainstorming to guide underclassmen in creating their own projects. in addition, we designed and ran a data science workshop created using jupyter notebooks for the outreach program, chictech.


for eoh 2017, sigmusic built a 'grand' midi piano from scratch and a visual web-based simulation for visitors to play on. it was inspired by the movie 'Big' with tom hanks where a toy store in new york had a giant piano.

read the medium post that acm@illinois wrote about us and check out our software and hardware


for eoh 2016, sigmusic created a microsoft kinect exhibit where the hands of each body in frame would be the two terminals of a guitar string and simulated bird-oids (boids) would use flocking mechanisms to move around the projected screen. when boids would fly through the string, it would pluck and play a note.


oculuscooter was a project started at hackillinois 2015 (1st place in hardware division) and continued for a class run by steve lavalle for a pilot virtual reality course (cs498vr) at uiuc. it was featured on vrscout once the project was completed. i worked on it during the course with yosub shin to build a better physical controller working on using a sparkcore to detect rpm of the roller skate and arduino powered scooter turning system built out of pvc.